Functional shots
& juices
Performance designed by Mutha Nature

Mutha Nature isn’t always soft and cuddly. She packs a punch.

Her most powerful and nutrient-dense ingredients are designed for vitality, energy and creativity.

We’re simply reconnecting people with nature’s best.

Grown, gathered and bottled so you can mainline them straight into your ideas factory.

Time to let the sparks fly.

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Life's Good

We give you Mutha Nature’s finest homegrown, the result of billions of years of R&D. So you can get back on a level and then go beyond your boundaries.

This is performance designed by Mutha Nature.


You can find us in many of the UK's best coffee shops, gyms, fitness studios, co-working spaces and delis. We also partner with some of the leading national grocery retailers.

We pride ourselves on our customer relationships, so get in touch to join our community of stockists.

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In the wild

Ceremonial Matcha Tea Powder

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