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Why high strength Vitamin C and Vitamin D?


It’s the question on many lips: why oh why does MOJU go OTT on RI? In a nutshell, it’s all about what’s optimal vs what’s sufficient.

Whether for evolutionary or environmental reasons, vitamin intake is something that’s really hard for us humans to get right. But we’re all about boosting those levels from what we need to survive > what we need to thrive.


As a species, us humans can achieve all kinds of incredible things. But sometimes? Well, we just need to admit when we need a little help. Whether for evolutionary or environmental reasons, vitamin intake just so happens to be something we’re not so hot at. And just to make things trickier, the information that’s available to us makes something as important as this massively unclear.

…yes, we’re looking at you, ‘recommended intake levels’. While some (definitely not all) of us try really hard to hit those numbers where we can, much like our bodies, they’re in need of some serious TLC. The truth is, the amounts you see were decided decades ago (during the second world war in the case of vitamin C) and as you can imagine, science has come a long way since then.

Sure, it’s great that we’re being guided on levels to swerve scurvy, or to avoid rickets with our daily vitamin d. But here at MOJU, we’re more about thriving than surviving. That’s why we reckon we should all keep an eye on how we handle RI (Reference Intake). You’ll probably have noticed on our bottles that our shots always contain a much higher percentage than the average figures. And with good reason…


We can’t help but be on the backfoot with this one, as our evolution is kind of to blame. Due to some random genetic mutation that occurred en route to the magnificent species you see today, humans, unlike most animals, do not synthesise Vitamin C. That’s why it’s often called an ‘essential vitamin’. Your body can’t produce it, so you need to get it from your diet.

And yes, it’s really important that you do.

Vitamin C is vital for supporting the immune system by protecting cells from oxidative damage caused by free radicals – as well as the formation of collagen for skin, cartilage, and bone. That’s why it’s an important nutrient for the healing process, as well as helping with the function of blood vessels and our neurological system. Studies have also shown that people with higher levels of Vitamin C display fewer signs of both mental and physical stress when experiencing psychological challenges – and they recover from these stresses more quickly than people with lower vitamin C levels too!

Right now, the World Health Organisation recommends taking 45mg/day – but scientists have been scratching their heads at the feasibility of this figure. Many studies reckon our daily dose should be double that amount, but with the RI set at 80mg, it’s still too low. Add to that the fact the levels we absorb in our diets can be massively affected by cooking and processing, as well as the quality of soil that produces its source and you can C why we care.


Another nutrient our body needs is our good friend Vitamin D. Unlike C, we’re capable of producing this ourselves when we get sunlight on our skin. But it may come as no surprise we run into problems with this in countries like the UK – as we can typically only make it during March to September. After that? You guessed it – it’s all about diet.

As you may know, Vitamin D is involved in many aspects of human health – taking care of our bones, muscle function and repair, as well as immune health. Unfortunately, dietary sources are limited to a few foods, such as mushrooms, eggs, and oily fish. And even then, the amount of Vitamin D found in these foods may not be enough to keep our levels topped up. Most vitamin D naturally present in vegan foods is D2 rather than D3. D3 is more powerful than D2 - it's suggested that it is more than twice as effective. That’s why it’s recommended you include vitamin D support if you want to go optimal.


The bottom line is that if our bodies can’t or don’t make or store it, we should be increasing the amount we have on a regular basis. And while we don’t want to brag or anything… MOJU is probs the easiest (not to mention most delicious) way to get mo’ of your essential vitamins in.

Our Vitamin C shot gives you a whopping 210mg per 60ml vs the 80mg RI. And our Vitamin D shot keeps your sunshine levels topped up all year round with 396% of your recommended daily needs. With quantities like that, your body will only thank you.

So… thriving or surviving? What’ll it be?

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