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Give that Cold the Cold Shoulder (with a Ginger Shot)



The cold and flu season is bearing down on us at a rapid rate. The clocks have gone back; the shorter days have arrived as well as the chillier nights. Missing the sun already? With winter comes the dreaded common cold, and as we all know, if you're not healthy, you can't perform at the top of your game. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t we all hate that runny nose, sore throat and not being able to breathe? If only you could just crawl under the duvet until it’s all over…. But we’ve got a better idea. Grab yourself a Ginger shot to give you and your immune system the kick in the arm you need. MOJU Ginger Shots contain 31% RI (Reference Intake) of your daily recommended vitamin C. We all know the benefits of vitamin C, most notably its contribution to the normal function of the immune system. So, next time you want to bury yourself in your duvet, reach out, grab that Ginger shot and you’ll be fighting fit in no time.

Ginger has been used since the 1st century in teas, as a spice for flavouring food, and for its believed remedial properties. It is reported to have a range of powerful therapeutic effects, which are not limited to, but include the possibility of supporting recovery as well as reducing incidences and the length of colds and coughs.

No wonder nutritionists are promoting Ginger as a means not just to ward off germs but to keep athletes in peak condition all year round.


A study by the University of Georgia found that a daily supplement of ginger, either in its raw state or as a ginger shot, reduced muscle pain from exercise by 25%.

Not to be outdone, we set up our own study with Emma Tester, the lead nutritionist at Munster Rugby, to investigate the benefits of MOJU Ginger Shots as a food first option to support the players’ immune function during the 2019/2020 season.

As we all know, this particular year provided an array of challenges we have not experienced in sport and life before. All the players were grouped in bubbles, and just like for the rest of us, social distancing was put in place to reduce the exposure of pathogens. During the lockdowns, players even had Ginger Shots delivered to their homes. As you can appreciate, players'their health was high on the agenda and to assess this, a study was performed. Six athletes provided blood samples during the 2019/2020 competitive season and again, 11 months later, in the 2020/21 season. During this period, they consumed a MOJU Ginger Shots on a daily basis.

In general, the training bubbles had less exposure to the normal number of bugs that cause coughs and colds as external interactions were limited. This naturally led to a reduction in coughs and colds in comparison to previous seasons. However, a number of blood markers were monitored as an indicator of immune health, and they found a moderate improvement in key health indicators (that’s the white blood cell and neutrophil count if you are interested). The addition of MOJU Ginger Shots played a part in keeping the squad healthy, and the players loved using a natural food source to aid their performance. Ginger Shots delivered a nice warming kick to their systems during those cold winter days on the training pitch, and not forgetting it’s a natural source of Vitamin C*.

This means daily Ginger showed a positive impact on some immune markers, keeping those coughs and colds at bay. But Ginger has other health benefits, too. Studies have shown that it may promote digestion, increase your metabolism, and support nutrient absorption, which further help the body’s immune system function at its best.


With that in mind, we highly recommend you aim to get more Ginger into your life so you can get back to enjoying life to the max. So, how do you go about doing this?

Well, we’ve got some great ideas on how you can use our ginger shots in two delicious, convenient formats – MOJU's 60ml single serve shot and our 500ml multi serve dosing bottle. The 60ml Ginger shot is the perfect grab and go size for when you are out and about. Did you know it is included in Sainsbury’s meal deals? So, next time you are grabbing a sandwich, pick up a shot to go as well and fill up on that immune-supporting Vitamin C. You can also find all our other stockists here!

At MOJU, we only use fresh pressed ginger root in our shots. The 500ml dosing bottle contains around eight ginger shots and is best placed in your fridge at home for daily consumption. Grab a shot and down it in one as it is. Add a Ginger shot to hot water to make a delicious ginger tea – for a warming comfort – or add to cold water for a long, refreshing drink. When making marinades or sauces, mix them with a shot of ginger, use it in cooking, great over a salad or put a smidgen into your favourite latte. And add to a pumpkin pie for a no-more-guilt healthy dessert.

So what are you waiting for? Shoot your shot!