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New study from MOJU shows evidence that prebiotic shots have proven long lasting positive impacts on gut health

  • The study has been commissioned by MOJU on its prebiotic-based Gut Health shots
  • Co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and London South Bank University
  • The study proves a significant increase in gut health

A world-first study, co-funded by the London South Bank University and the European Regional Development Fund, commissioned by MOJU, the UK’s leading functional food and drinks brand, has today been published in MDPI, concluding that multi-fibre prebiotic shots have a positive and proven longer lasting impact on gut health than first perceived.

The study specifically looked at MOJU’s Gut Health Shot and the health benefits of taking it on a daily basis. The results showed a significant increase in gut microbiome alpha diversity. Alpha diversity is a common indicator for assessing gut microbiota health and plays an important role in maintaining a balanced ecosystem. The research also showed overall improvements in Bifidobacterium in all participants. Due to their purported health-promoting properties, Bifidobacterium help aid digestion and stave off harmful bacteria. The health benefits were ongoing and continued up to 21 days after taking prebiotic-based Gut Health shots. By conducting the study, it has shown us clearly that there is a link between taking a blend of different prebiotic fibres and the positive effect that this can have with supporting a healthy and functioning gut. 

Participants were randomly allocated to two different groups. One group consumed the prebiotic and the other a placebo daily for three weeks. They then entered into a period of three week washout in which they did not consume any of the product to allow them to return to baseline. Following this participants consumed the opposite product from the first phase for three weeks. The study was conducted as part of the London Agri-Food Innovation Clinic (LAFIC) which is managed by London South Bank University and supports and promotes research and innovation in London's food businesses. The study was published in June 2023.

Ross Austen, Nutrition and Research Lead at MOJU, said “One thing researchers do agree on is that a more diverse microbiome is generally a healthier microbiome, so it’s fantastic that the results from the study showed such a positive effect on this, meaning that our product can be a really great start to the day that will help people with their gut health.”

Senior Food Technologist Adri Bester from London South Bank University, said: “Unlike our genetics, we can influence which bacteria live in our gut. While some of the factors that affect the bacteria that live in our gut are difficult to change - like genetics, stressful events, or illness - we can modify and control our lifestyle behaviours. By conducting the study, it has shown us clearly that there is a link between taking a prebiotic and the positive effect that this can have with supporting a healthy and functioning gut. In addition to the demonstrable gut microbiome health benefits of the MOJU Gut Health Shot, the shotgun metagenome analyses revealed interesting findings of advanced beneficial potential, including colon cancer. We know that as a world population we do not consume enough fibre in our diets, and consumers of all ages cite improving gut and digestive health as one of the top three benefits they want from their diet. Our study demonstrates that the MOJU Gut Health Shot can be a convenient product to top up dietary fibres and improve gut and digestive health for any adult age and gender.”

The trial took place between August and December 2021, with the analysis and data interpretation throughout 2022. 20 participants were enrolled, with 14 participants completing the full study. Gut microbiota was tested pre and post for each phase.

MOJU's Gut Health shots are packed with prebiotics and plant fibres to level up your gut game. Our Prebiotic Blend contains chicory root inulin, green banana, baobab, acacia fibre and Jerusalem artichoke. 

  • Chicory Root is considered the richest plant source of inulin, which has been proven to be a high scorer when it comes to healthy digestive function. Through its ability to battle harsh stomach enzymes, it reaches the gut safely where it undergoes prebiotic fermentation. Here, it contributes to building a more diverse microbiome, supporting a healthy and balanced digestive system, with research suggesting it may also support immunity.
  • Green Bananas are an excellent source of fibre, potassium and zinc. They contain much more resistant starch than yellow bananas, which avoids being digested as it passes through the gut. Instead, as it ferments, it acts as a prebiotic to power up the good bacteria buzzing around in there, helping them reproduce and go full multiplayer mode.
  • Sometimes referred to as the ‘Tree of Life’, Baobab is an iconic tree found on the plains of Africa that can live for up to 3,000 years. Its unique and amazing fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals, and contains a high amount of both soluble and insoluble dietary fibre. Taste-wise, this one’s next level: we call it nature’s lemon sherbet.

  • Acacia fibre is a form of dietary fibre which is fully fermented and suitable for individuals with sensitive stomachs. Combined with baobab, they create a significant prebiotic effect. 
  • A species of sunflower native to central North America, Jerusalem artichoke is high in inulin and fructo-oligosaccharides, which are soluble prebiotic fibres that support digestive health. The gut-healing, digestive benefits of Jerusalem artichokes help to balance your microbiome and promote the daily operations of your body. 

Available in 2 flavours - Raspberry and Tropical, the MOJU Gut Health shot is the easiest way to improve your gut health.

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