Your journey to a healthier gut starts here

Your journey to a healthier gut starts here

Your journey to a healthier gut starts here

Power your immunity, vitality and gut health
with 7x daily shots per bottle.

  • “Kickstart your morning with MOJU... it’s got everything you need to support immune and digestive health”

  • “The tastiest way to encourage a healthier, more diverse gut microbiome”

  • “The ultimate addition to your morning routine, brimming with the world’s most supercharged prebiotic and plant fibres”

  • “You'll quickly become addicted to this punchy little shot as part of your morning routine”

  • “It will give you a plant-powered boost to your digestive health and immune system, that's also low in sugar. What a shot!”



Support your digestive health with MOJU's plant powered gut fuel, clinically proven and recommended by X, Y and Z.


Our gut health shots are packed with gut boosting plant fibres and are 100% dairy free, with no added sugars, preservatives (or anything at all).


Our powerful blend of prebiotics and plant fibres is the super easy way to level up your gut game.

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  • “Way nicer tasting and doesn’t have a horrible aftertaste like other gut health shots”

    Kirsten C
  • “These shots are a lifesaver. My bloating has decreased, my bowel movement is regular and my reflux and regurgitating has gone away”

    Jennifer M
  • “As someone who suffers with IBS I felt like this actually did help me in my daily life”

    Thomas B
  • “Found a huge improvement in my bloating since I’ve been using them”

    Julia F
  • “Saviour in a bottle. This helps keep my IBS in check!”

    Melanie T
  • “We both feel so much healthier and less bloated. So pleased this is now part of our daily ritual”

    Karen M
  • “MOJU has changed my life. No longer get nearly as bloated or make gurgling noises. Absolute game changer”

    Callum T
  • “I have definitely noticed an improvement - less bloating, better skin and all whilst drinking something totally delicious!”

    Layna G

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The best bacteria in our gut are known as probiotics — you might know them as ‘the good bacteria’.

We’ve got hundreds of different types of them inside us already, and they need feeding!

That’s where prebiotics and plant fibres come in - they’re the key to keeping these guys happy. Not only do prebiotics stop our good bacteria from getting hangry, but by feeding them we help them to grow and thrive so they can outnumber the bad bacteria we don't want.

What happens if the bad guys take over? Too many bad bacteria could lead to more than just digestive health issues.Studies suggest that a weaker gut microbiome could lead to a weaker immune system and mental health, more allergies, as well as other longer term health problems.

With 90% of serotonin being produced in your gut and 70% of your immune system based in your gut, a healthy gut is linked to benefits including resistance to infections and colds, and recovery after illness. So it's important to take care of it.

We're so sure you'll love your MOJU, we'll give you your money back if you don't. Simply email us within 30 days of placing your order and we'll put things right. Only valid once per customer on 4x packs of dosing bottles. Maximum refund £27.80.