Us Brits are notorious for hitting hibernation mode, especially when the weather gets colder. But this year, things feel different. We’ve had little choice but to retreat into our homes, meaning less time outside, less sun…. less Vitamin D and less vital back up for body and bones.

Why is this a problem? Well, during winter a shocking 40% of us are thought to be deficient in the sunshine vitamin without even knowing it. What makes it trickier, is it’s almost impossible to achieve adequate levels from food sources alone, so that’s why we have decided to take action.

The Sunshine Project is a MOJU movement to take a swing at the problem. We’re D-manding better education and greater awareness around Vitamin D. It’s time to put the UK’s health first.

So, thats why throughout D-cember, we’ll be giving away 20,000 Vitamin D shots to the UK’s most vulnerable groups; keyworkers, NHS staff, elderly and higher-risk BAME communities.

And don’t forget for every order placed online, you will get a free Vitamin D Dosing bottle on us.

So next time you take your daily shot of sunshine, be sure to know you’ll be spreading some too.

Find out more about our sunshine shot here.