The MOJU way

The story so far

Over the last 100 years we’ve all drifted into a world of artificial and heavily processed foods.  It doesn’t make much sense. Modern life’s tougher on our bodies than ever before. So why turn our back on nature when it’s there to help us out?

In 2015, we decided to take things back to basics. With no industry experience, no big bank accounts and a beaten-up VW Golf as a mobile office, we began creating homemade veg juices for busy people on the move. No week-long detoxes or fad diets needed. Just simple, effective everyday nutrition.

Then came our next range: Booster shots – cold-pressed juice mixed with some of nature’s most potent plants.

Today, we’re (still) two best mates working alongside a team of go-getters. Proudly going against the grain, even if it means our journey is more challenging because of it.

not made

Plants are complex but perfectly designed packages of essential nutrients and active compounds (phytochemicals). There are potent star players but it’s the entourage of other compounds that amplify their effectiveness. It’s these synergies that are impossible to recreate in a lab.

All of our products are made from whole natural ingredients, to ensure you get the full spectrum of potent plant power.


Our ingredient lists are a bit like us, what you see is what you taste. We put our plant ingredient percentages proudly on the front of our juice bottles, no trace amounts and no long list of product claims.

And as for our shots? They contain a big hit of functional ingredients which makes them unapologetically strong in flavour. But that’s the good stuff right there.

Fight the

In the 20th century, the food industry gave us packaged foods that would survive a nuclear fall out and go into space. Not much has changed since and our bodies still haven’t evolved to process artificial flavours and preservatives.

We think it’s time for a change. By embracing newer technologies we can work with natural ingredients and deliver them in the closest possible form to the living plant.

Doing our bit

We believe in bringing mutha nature to the places she’s needed most. This manifests in both our products and our charitable partnerships.

As proud members of '1% for the Planet’ we donate 1% of our annual sales to environmental impact causes through which we’ve partnered with ‘Trees for Cities’ as part of our mission to re-wild urban areas to spark creativity. Watch this space.

In the wild

Ceremonial Matcha Tea Powder

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