Ginger. Lube.

Two words that aren’t the MOST natural bedfellows, but we’re hoping will be just what you need for a scorching hot Valentine’s night… literally 🥵

You’ve felt what the irresistible potency of our fiery shots can do for your mornings - so it got us wondering… could that burst of vitality rub off anywhere else?

With a whopping 3 in 5 Brits feeling like they’re way too tired to get down to any action in the bedroom, we thought we’d spice things up a bit this Valentines Day by developing a raw Ginger lube....

Sure, we know what you’re thinking, that spice factor could be a lot to handle, but hear us out…

As well as being an impressive energy booster, it turns out our favourite root may also be the route to enjoying a bit more BOOM in the bedroom… as a natural aphrodisiac 👀

Yes, with studies showing that the active components found in Ginger can boost libido by increasing circulation and blood flow, it seems rhizome comes with SERIOUS rizz.

You’ve been brave enough to feel that fiery kick in the tastebuds, reckon you could take it anywhere else….?

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Now we’ve got you in the mood, here’s a cheeky aphrodisiac to get the good times (and your blood) flowing…

With a libido-boosting lift from MOJU and HANX, it’s not just this banging mocktail you’ll find it hard to keep your hands off 😉


20ml non alc ‘gin’
50ml MOJU Ginger shot
3.2g HANX Libido Lift sachet
450ml soda water

🔥 Pour all ingredients over ice in the sexiest-looking glass you have available. (Okay, a tumbler will also do)
🔥 Finish off with a garnish of lime and fresh mint.
🔥 Lie back and let this libido-boosting blend hit the spot…