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From Mutha Nature

Ingredients matter.

Why mess with millions of years of humans and plants co-evolving? Billions of years of R&D has resulted in plants loaded with essential nutrients and powerful active compounds.

Mutha Nature made our medicines. We just need to go out and find them.

We source our ingredients from carefully selected producers from around the world. Our core plants – apples, carrots and leafy greens – are sourced as close to home as possible. Most of our specialist ingredients though, like acerola, ginger and turmeric, come from further afield because the best stuff grows in the sun-filled tropics.

To the bottle

We obsess over our production methods just as much as the quality of our ingredients. We also keep things simple because natural ingredients are most effective when they are not messed with. It’s why we cold-press. Back in the day, the best preservative was ‘cold’ – it worked perfectly then, so let’s not reinvent the wheel.

In the wild

Ceremonial Matcha Tea Powder

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