We hope you enjoyed your MOJU Ginger Shot.

As the temperatures start to drop outside, it’s more important than ever to keep those immune systems firing. But guess what? With MOJU Ginger Shots, you get a hot hit of all the goods your body needs in one convenient (and addictively delicious) 60ml serving.

The more time you spend with MOJU, you’ll realise we talk about Ginger a lot around here, and with good reason. This mega ingredient is the root to all kinds of amazing bodily benefits. If you fancy digging a bit deeper, check out this blog. We dare you to not feel fully converted by the end of it.

Ready to give it a shot? Get your daily hit by picking up one of our Ginger Dosing packs now. If you prefer to shake things up a bit, check out our Vitality, Mixed and Starter packs – or Pick n Mix your own! You’ll get a taste of Ginger as well as our other flavours (or a little of whatever else you fancy.) And here is an exclusive 50% off to get you going.


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