Few fitness challenges hit quite like Battle Cancer. Bringing people together in sweaty solidarity, its charity events and post-treatment training programmes are all about supporting those impacted by cancer and helping them to live life with more mojo, so really, it was only a matter of time until MOJU got involved.


As an official Functional Shot partner, we’ll be there to champion everyone turning up to give Battle Cancer their best shot. From body-fuelling with freebies to fundraising firepower, we're ready to inject an extra dose of mojo to all this year's activities. Stay tuned for all the latest… 

"At Battle Cancer events we have people step into arenas and become fitness super-heroes taking on a challenge bigger than them, we have people post cancer begin a journey of rehabilitation like no other. With so much in front of our incredible community we knew for years we needed a partner who can take care of every single person each day! ​
MOJU was created to help people not with chemicals and artificial energy, but using natural and impactful products that would be there every single day to power them. We now have that perfect partner in MOJU, and having used the shots for the past 3 years to keep away illness, wake me up and get my body moving I'm so excited to have MOJU with us all across the UK"​
Scott Britton

About Battle Cancer 

Battle Cancer is a community that’s dedicated to building physical strength and mental resilience in all those affected by cancer. 


Whether someone’s been recently diagnosed, has gone through treatment, or simply wants to turn up for anyone who has – this is a place where everyone can make a difference just by giving it a shot. 

Get involved 

From the awesome competitors that participate to the amazing charities they support; the Battle Cancer community represents a team of inspiring go-getters uniting to make a difference.  


Want to find out how you could join them? Click here to get the lowdown on how you can sign up to the 2024 Challenge or get involved with the Battle Cancer Program if you’ve undergone treatment yourself. 


Here’s to a year full of big wins and mo’ mojo in the fight against cancer 👊