TRYed and Tested

By now, you’ve probably got the gist that MOJU values its functional ingredients just as much as tongue-scorching flavour. But what does that all-natural firepower look like in the wild exactly? Well, we’ve got a couple of studies over here, since you asked…

If you’re not healthy, you can’t perform. Fact. Given that colds and coughs are among the most common illnesses reported in athletes, you can imagine how an attack of the sniffles could snuff out any progress in training. That’s why nutritionists put the health of athletes as a top priority. That’s why Emma Tester, Performance Nutritionist at Munster Rugby, trialled MOJU’s Ginger Shots as a food-first option to support immune function in the 2019/20 season.

As you might have guessed from those dates, it was a challenging season for all kinds of reasons. 👀 But with Ginger’s many traditionally reported therapeutic and preventative properties, the six players involved in Emma’s study were interested to see how a daily shot might help keep them on top of their game.

Looking at the blood samples during the 2019/20 season and again 11 months later, analysis of several markers showed immune health to improve moderately over the period. And with the players loving incorporating that fiery hit into their daily routines, Emma, Performance Nutritionist at Munster Rugby agreed that the MOJU Ginger Shot would stay in the nutritional toolbox going forward. That’s what we like to hear 💪

Tendinopathy sucks. The all-consuming pain caused by the failed healing of tendons is quite a common issue in the world of sport – and it can be really quite debilitating. As athletes put their bodies through so much, managing tendinopathy is a priority for the teams taking care of them to make sure they can perform at their best throughout their careers.

Teaming up with Edinburgh Rugby Club, we introduced our recovery-focused, turmeric flavour into their 2020/21 season post-game nutritional strategy. With a particular focus on the 20(!) players that were suffering with tendon issues, we were able to compare data from the previous season to gauge effectiveness and run tests.

The result of this specific study? A measurable decrease in subjective pain in both the Achilles and Patella tendons, with some tests showing a drop of almost 20%. Needless to say, the club are still on very good Turms with their daily shots…

So, there you have it. Two ways MOJU’s fresh functional flavours have got the sporting world all shook up.