Step It Up with Vitamin C

As any MOJU lover can tell you, bigger isn’t always better. Because when it comes to building healthy habits, there’s no shame in starting small. Tiny, regular steps completed consistently will almost always prove to be the more sustainable method to build momentum… especially when you return to the gym.

In fact, for those who want to set some serious fitness goals, it’s thought that hitting it too hard to begin with can actually be detrimental to making proper progress. By going hell for leather on those early workouts, you end up pushing your body to its limits too quickly, and you’re destined for a fate so common there’s even a name for it…

OH HEY, Overtraining Syndrome

Yes, it really is a thing. You might start out nailing every training session, flexing that new gym membership, feeling on fire… then instead of seeing that hard work pay off, the only gains you get are whatever cough, cold or sniffles are currently doing the rounds. Ain’t that a kick in the good intentions?

As with everything in life, balance is everything. While a good amount of exercise helps to build us into fitter, healthier and more resilient individuals; training too long or at too high an intensity can make us more susceptible to illness. Scientists are still trying to work out exactly why that is, but unsurprisingly, it’s a tricky (not to mention kinda unethical) thing to put a test subject through…

The most intelligent guesses point towards the idea that as the body tries to recover from intense bouts of exercise it leaves itself vulnerable to attack from pathogens. It’s believed that these pathogens exploit your lowered defences to wheedle their way in, take hold and cause illness before your body has a chance to do anything about it. Luckily, there’s something you can send in to show those bad guys who’s boss. Say hello to our little friend…

Vitamin C steps it up

As always, good old vit C is there for us in our hour of need. When your body is under stress, it does a great job at helping to kick up your immune system’s defences – making it an essential vitamin to have to hand. GREAT NEWS. But… there’s a slight catch.

Unfortunately, due to some random genetic mutation in human evolution, we don’t synthesise vitamin C ourselves. It’s something that makes us a bit of an oddity in the animal kingdom, with many species’ natural production putting them in a much better position to deal with bodily stress better than we do. In fact, one study on goats showed that their production increases 7-fold when dealing with stress – a phenomenon that’s backed up in humans where research has shown that individuals with higher levels of vit C cope better with stressful situations. C, you’re interested now, aren’t you?

In lieu of making our own vitamin C, there’s only one thing for it – diet. And that’s exactly why MOJU has a Vitamin C shot in the range to make it easier than ever to tackle the throes of life, support your immune system and give you those moments of general badassery when things take a turn for the worse. Hit our webstore now to get your hands on some of the good stuff and keep the Overtraining Syndrome at bay 💪💪💪