There’s some instances where more = better. Your birthday party would suck if the only people who turned up were your Mum and your weird neighbour, for example.  But replace the party in your house with the one your vitamins throw in your blood steam, and sometimes it’s not always better to crank up the numbers.  

Certainly not when it comes to vitamin D.  

Read on to find out why… 


Our discovery started with a simple trial.  

With 20μg of vitamin D per 60ml shot, MOJU Vitamin D Shot is a super convenient option to keep you topped up all winter long. But what good is convenience if it’s not effective? We called on our loyal fanbase to run an experiment to find out. 

Over 28 days, our willing volunteers were either assigned to a control group, or an intervention group. The control group maintained their current lifestyle, while the intervention group consumed a MOJU Vitamin D shot every day for 28 days. Vitamin D levels were recorded for both groups at the start and the end. (FYI, none of the participants were taking any additional vitamin D supplements during this period.) 


When it comes to vitamin D there are recommended levels that we should all strive to have circulating in our blood stream:  


Interestingly, the control group saw an average of 24.49% decrease in vitamin D levels and the intervention group saw an average of 26.11% increase in vitamin D levels over the 28-day period! 

As a result of consuming vitamin D, 62.5% of the participants in the intervention group were classified as ‘optimal or above’ for their vitamin D status. In comparison, the control group only had 25% at that level. From this, we could see that consuming vitamin D in winter definitely had a positive impact. But could we take it further? 


Within this study we also decided to call on additional willing volunteers to see if double the amount (40 ug) of MOJU Vitamin D leads to double the impact… 


 Turns out… this was not the case! The individuals consuming the single shot saw on average 21.46% increase from the start of the trial, whereas the double-shotters saw an average of just 19.19% increase.  

It turns out more is not always better!  
While this was a small-scale field-based study with limited definitive conclusions, those figures certainly highlight that while consuming vitamin D in winter is a good idea, you don’t have to double up.  

You could also argue that if you’re going to bother at all, you might as well go MOJU. Well, the science has spoken, after all…