We love our bodies. But sometimes it does feel like they turn against us. Like when we treat our tastebuds to a delicious meal, then our bellies kick off and make us feel like walking, talking beach balls? Yeah, it’s not the one.

Nothing kills that cosy food coma vibe like the discomfort of bloating - but luckily there’s a little something you can knock back to help. Our good friend Ginger.


To understand why, let’s get to grips with our gastrointestinal (GI) tract. This is where large amounts of air or gas can build up and bring on the bloat - making our middles feel stretched and uncomfortable.

One of the most common causes is eating. Sometimes it’s because of the gases that are naturally produced when food is digested. Other times it’s down to the air that’s swallowed when eating or drinking, which can then get trapped in the GI tract. Then there’s also functional dyspepsia, which is the term used for recurring signs and symptoms of indigestion that have no obvious cause.


There’s a reason we always bang on about this root. With a broad range of properties to support body function, ginger really is nature’s star player ingredient. And among its many active components, you’ll find compounds with the ability to modulate the receptors responsible for the way our digestive system works.

There’s been a few different studies of the effects of consuming ginger for those who struggle with functional dyspepsia, with some really interesting results. One 4-week study compared its consumption vs a placebo before lunch and dinner, and it was found that ginger significantly reduced the symptoms. Win.

It’s also been put to the test on its effects on gastric emptying. This pleasant-sounding term is how we describe the way the stomach processes food after we’ve eaten it. Lo and behold, the study showed that compared to a placebo, ginger helped to improve the rate of stomach emptying.

Now you’re sold on the benefits, you’ll probably want a good gingery go-to to have on hand, right? MOJU can help you there. With 13.8g of raw, fresh-pressed root in every 60ml shot, it’ll set you up to tackle that post-meal bloat like a champ. Consider it your new non-alcoholic aperitif.