Are Ginger Shots Safe?

Ginger, both fresh and dried, has been used for thousands of years by many different cultures across the world within cuisine but also as traditional medicine due to its strong therapeutic effects. It has been traditionally used to...   

  • Support immune health
  • Reduce tiredness
  • Help with digestion
  • Soothe nausea
  • Ease menstrual pain
  • … even helps with hangovers(!)

There are no recommended daily intakes of ginger, and it is generally considered safe in any amount. However, as is often the case, too much of a good thing (including ginger) can sometimes still have a few unpleasant effects - so we'd recommend not drinking all 4 of your dosing bottles (that would be 28 shots!) in one day.

Most of these unpleasant effects are stomach related symptoms which, in extreme cases, could include heartburn, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, bloating, and gas!

The moral of this story is simple: don't overdo it, and keep your doctor in the loop, especially if you're pregnant, on medications, or experiencing any notable symptoms such as digestive upset. If you're unfortunate enough to be sensitive to spices like ginger, even something as innocuous as this tasty rhizome could be the source of your discomfort, although this is unusual in small amounts.  

However, on the whole ginger shots are safe to consume! 

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