What does cold pressing actually mean?
Cold pressing fruit and vegetables provides far greater nutrient retention than other juicing methods. We use a hydraulic press that slowly applies thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the maximum amount of juice from fresh produce, in a temperature controlled environment.
What is HPP?
High Pressure Processing (HPP) allows us to increase the shelf life of our juices and avoid food waste, without adding any additives or preservatives. Once bottled and sealed and placed into an HPP machine, cold water is pressurised which puts the bottles under extreme pressure (equivalent to 5 times the pressure at the bottom of the mariana trench!). This reduces the microbial activity, prolonging the lifespan of the juice, whilst retaining the nutrients and enzymes of the ingredients.
Do I need to keep my MOJU in the fridge?
Our ingredients are perishable and need to be kept refrigerated, please keep chilled between 0-5°C.
How long will my juices last once opened?
Once opened, consume within 48 hours.
Do you add any sugar to MOJU?
Never. Our juices and shots only contain the natural sugars found in plants. We’ve worked hard on our recipes to ensure that our 250ml juices contain less than 6 grams of natural sugars per 100ml.
Is it safe to drink MOJU when pregnant?
All but one of our juices are safe to drink when pregnant thanks to the HPP process. Our Chilli + Energy shot contains caffeine and so is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
Is MOJU recyclable?
Yes - our bottles are made from PET which is 100% recyclable and is widely recycled. We use plastic bottles so we can HPP our juices and minimise food waste.
How sustainable is your packaging?
We are always working actively to reduce our environmental impact. Our delivery packaging is made from 100% recycled and fully recyclable card, liners made from post-industrial denim fibres and ice packs made from recyclable plastic and water.
Do MOJU products contain any additives or preservatives?
We don't use any additives or preservatives
What is ascorbic acid and why is it used in some of your products?
Vitamin C is also known as Ascorbic Acid. We add a trace amount as a processing aid to our apple juice to prevent oxidation and a slight discolouration to the final product.


Can I only buy MOJU products online?
In addition to our online shop - you can find us in many of the UK's best coffee shops, gyms, fitness studios, co-working spaces and delis. We also partner with some of the leading national grocery retailers including Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.
How do I subscribe?
Simply sign up and follow the steps on our shop page. If you’re experiencing any issues with the subscription process or have any other questions you can email us at
How often can I receive my subscription box?
You can get your subscription box weekly, fortnightly and monthly. You are able to pause or skip a week/month whenever you want.
I’d love to stock MOJU, how can I get in touch?
If you would like to stock MOJU, give us a shout. Please email

Delivery & Returns

Where do you deliver to?
We deliver to any residential or business address across the UK. However, due to current carrier restrictions we do not deliver to Aberdeen, Northern Ireland, Eire (Republic of Ireland), Argyll, Glasgow, Guernsey, Northern Highlands, Isle of Man, Arran, Argyll, Orkney Shetland, and Dundee).
Do you offer free delivery?
We offer free delivery on orders over £40.
When will my order arrive?
If your order is received before 2pm Monday to Thursday your delivery should be with you the following day.
How can I track my order?
As long as you provide your email and mobile number, you will be able to track your order through a link to our courier’s (DPD) portal. They will text/email you on the morning of your delivery with a 1 hour delivery slot and ‘follow my parcel’ and ‘change my delivery now’ options.
What if I miss my delivery?
If you can not be in to sign for your delivery, the courier will normally leave the parcel in the most obvious safe place. Please make sure you tell the courier using the ‘change my delivery now’ link if you have a preferred safe place.
Can I return my order?
Our products are perishable so we do not accept returns, but if you have a problem with your order please contact us.
How do I return my MOJU delivery packaging?
As part of our ongoing mission to help reduce our (and our customers) impact on the planet, we would encourage you to use our free returns service. Simply put your denim liner and ice packs in your MOJU box, stick the CollectPlus label (provided) over your delivery address and drop off your package, at your nearest CollectPlus location free of charge. You can find your nearest CollectPlus location by searching here. If you need a replacement CollectPlus label, you can download one here.
Can I get weekend delivery?
At the moment we do not offer weekend delivery. We deliver Monday to Friday.
Why doesn't MOJU have a phone number?
We're a small team without a call centre, so we're not set up to handle high volumes of phone calls. We promise to respond to any queries within the timeframes set out on our Contact Us page.

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Why doesn't MOJU have a phone number?
We're a small team without a call centre, so we're not set up to handle high volumes of phone calls. We promise to respond to any queries within the timeframes set out on our Contact Us page. Though you may receive an automated response every once in a while, all channels are manned by human staff who are eager to help you out, quickly and efficiently.

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