(Team MOJU at Moo Canoes, Hackney Wick)

London's canals & rivers are under constant threat from pollutants, litter & invasive species. A couple of weeks ago the crew went down to Hackney Wick and volunteered for a fun afternoon of cleaning up the canal with Moo Canoes. After 2 hours, we collected 5 bin bags filled with trash that had been floating on the canal; cut beer cans, glass bottles, plastic bags and bottles, crisp packets, items that could cause serious harm to the wildlife that lives on this canal.

Now we know we're not perfect and that an afternoon of clearing the canal isn't going to change our litter pollution problem, but individually there are simple ways to help. Like simply putting your rubbish into rubbish bins and recycling. 


Canal & River Trust, which looks after 2,000 miles of waterways in England and Wales, is calling on every visitor to its waterways to pick up and recycle a piece of rubbish each time they visit, which could lead to millions of bits of rubbish being collected in just a few months, reducing the tide of plastic before it reaches the sea.

Grab your crew and hit up Moo Canoes. Small steps can make a big difference.