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Becca Morris


My Inspiration

I started off in Graphic Design and it wasn't until I met my fiance Paul that a career in the tattoo industry even occurred to me. Paul was keen to set up a studio, which naturally led to me getting heavily involved in the branding and styling of the shop.



Over a year ago I met the VC girls, a female-led group of bike builders encouraging other girls to get involved and start riding. They gave me my first lesson on a bike and from there I was hooked. Soon after, I bought my own 90's Yamaha SR and started customising it. She now looks like a mad-max inspired mini chopper, she's called Yaz. Earlier in the summer VC hosted the first Babes Ride Out UK, the first of the LA based female only ride-outs to happen in the UK. We all had the best time, riding around the Brecon Beacons, the landscapes were incredible.


Wine and desserts are my weakness, I try not to be too strict as I just end up craving them, however, if I'm having a 'healthy week' I grab a MOJU from the fridge in Vagabond which really helps kick any sweet cravings, the green kale and spinach one especially. I believe in moderation, especially when it comes to food and exercise. Bikes are certainly a good form of escapism and help me get some fresh air. A recent trip home to the Cotswolds with some friends was perfect for blowing away the cobwebs - open-roads, wind in the hair and all that!

A day in the life of...

I try really hard to exercise in the morning, occasionally a run or some weights, depending on my mood. The tattoo studio opens at 11am so we're ready to go with our first customers pretty much bang on then. Every day is back to back so there's never much time stop for lunch, again a MOJU is great for just tiding you over when there's no time to pop to the shops. Evenings consist of dinner with friends or a good box set.


My Nanny. She's no longer with us, but when she was her and my Grandad were ripping around London on a BSA motorbike during the 50's. She also taught me how to use Photoshop back in the 90's!

My Dream

To cuddle a friendly tiger.



Well obviously it has to have ginger in it and whilst we're there add some orange, maybe some strawberry, haha that's probably horrible, I'll leave it to you guys to do the recipe combos!

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