At MOJU, we like to celebrate the go-getters. Those of you who balance a million things but still find the time to pursue your passion. Those of you who like to get the most out of life despite your circumstances. We know life can get busy, which is why we're here to support you. We help bring you closer to nature and give you a natural boost to help you do what you love, better. 


We spent a day hanging out with London-based skateboarder and photographer, Joshua Brown aka “Naturalist” (a name we later find out is inspired by naturalism and his raw photography shooting style). We’re in Camden skate park and Joshua’s face lights up as he sees a few familiar faces. “Twice in two days!” he shouts over with a grin on his face before he speeds off to warm up on the skate ramps. 
“I skate because I absolutely love every aspect of it and have done since I was a little kid. The feeling I get from landing a trick I’ve been practicing for ages is unmatchable, there’s nothing like it on earth.” 


When he isn’t out practicing new tricks on his skateboard, you'll find him behind the lens capturing people and moments around him. People, unguarded, are his favourite subject to shoot. “Photography to me is just a way of capturing moments that are either missed by the eye or just moments that you’d want to remember forever composed in a way that soothes the eye and flusters the mind. There’s something about capturing somebody's emotions or catching a fleeting thought in someone’s eyes. Your eyes tell all your stories.” When you look at his work, there’s a sense of authenticity and rawness that comes through in his photography. The way emotion is captured transports you right into that moment. 


“Authenticity to me means being 110% yourself even when people will bully you throughout your entire school life for doing so. It means finding what works for you, only you and sticking to it. Not your parents, not your friends, not even your girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s being as honest to your inner self as possible and running with it.


My hack to staying healthy is to drink plenty of water and staying active. So how does somebody who is a photographer, model, ASOS ambassador and skateboarder stay balanced? "The only balance I know is on my skateboard! I pretty much just improvise my entire life but I also like to keep a schedule on my phone and just recently bought an organiser whiteboard to stay on top of the more important aspects of my life."


If you could change one thing in the world right now, what would it be?
I’d probably eradicate poverty worldwide because I feel we all deserve a good life, it just so happens that not everybody is as fortunate as others. I’m very blessed, to say the least. 
Where are your top 3 places to skate in London?
1. Southbank (it helped me become the skater I am today!)
2. Mile End for its beautiful flat ground
3. Royal Oak 
Aside from skating, shooting, modelling and being an ASOS ambassador, Joshua is currently putting together a shoot series inspired by the skate scene, watch this space. Getting it done #NOMATTERWHAT
You can find him: 
Instagram: @mr.b.rown@itsnotfilm.co
Photography: Tom Joy
Words: Jessica Ly