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Louis Browne

Calisthenics and fitness expert

My Inspiration

I happened to stumble across an outdoor training area whilst I was running. I stood in awe as I watched people balancing in handstands, hanging off bars and swinging around like gymnasts. That was 10 years ago and since then I haven’t looked back. There was something primal and organic about it and I really felt the buzz! Unlike gyms, there was no competitive atmosphere. Everyone was friendly and happy to talk and share advice. Some of the people I met seemed to defy gravity, achieved by pretty inspirational levels of levels of dedication and determination, measuring progress in moves rather than an increasing weight stack.

How I Do It

When it comes to Calisthenics there really is no excuse for not training! It mostly revolves around body weight, which means that you have the freedom to do it anywhere and it's free. Even if I only have a spare 10-20 minutes in my day, I can always do some quick exercises on the spot – you don’t need much space or equipment, just a bit of creativity!

Why I Love It

One of the main reasons I love Calisthenics is because no matter how good you get, there's always a move you're dreaming to master. Learning new moves allows you to start building new freestyle combinations, fluid transitions from one movement to the next. The better you get the more effortless it looks! There's such a community of people that now train on the bars, you can sometimes get so into it you lose track of time and end up spending hours there, which are both good for my health and social life! 

My typical day

Let's begin… The moment I wake up I will drink at least one pint of water to fire up my system (which can increase your metabolism by up to 25%), followed by a good breakfast to really set myself up for the day. I will have a MOJU purple juice as a great energy boost (ideally before training). It's natures equivalent to a red bull as it helps oxygenate your blood!

I'll then train just before lunch for an hour or so on the bars or at home. Lunch tends to be organic meat or fish with lots of vegetables. Once my working day is over I have dinner, once again keeping it balanced with a good ratio of protein, vegetables and carbs (nothing refined).

How to Stay #StupidlyHealthy

My definition of #stupidlyhealthy is balance, balance and balance! I believe it's just as important to reward you body as well as working it. This allows you to introduce healthy living as a lifestyle rather than temporary 'yo yo' diets and quick fix fads. Exercise is key but you also have to feed your body, so filling up with as many nutrients as possible is paramount to keep you firing on all cylinders! I find that having a cold pressed juice every day helps me achieve that, as I believe the more naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients you can fill your body up with, the better!


I am a huge fan of beetroot cold-pressed juice but I also have the mental association with darker or more vibrant colours containing more vitamins! I tend to prefer the darker presses, so for me I would keep the main spectrum of vegetables being used and swap the apple for blueberries instead, see how that goes down!

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