London Coffee Festival

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London Coffee Festival

Truman Brewery - Brick Lane, London

The coffee grinds have just about settled after the organised chaos of the 2016 London Coffee Festival.  If you didn't know it yet, the UK is pretty much where it's at when it comes to speciality coffee. The coffee guys in Australia and New Zealand may have something to say about that, but there's no doubt the UK is leading the charge in Europe.

The speciality coffee scene is growing quickly and for good reason. People have tasted proper coffee and they ain't going back. 

The London Coffee Festival is a four day party that celebrates London's (and the UK's) coffee scene. The event featured over 250 coffee and gourmet food and drink stalls (including some of our friends; Doisy and Dam, Charitea/Lemonaid, Sandows, Pollen & Grace to name a few) DJs, cocktails and world-class baristas fighting it out to take The Coffee Masters crown.

MOJU was there in force, introducing coffee lovers to the best (probably) cold-pressed juice in town. We supply our juices to selected independents and coffee shops in London and the UK, so it was an excuse to hang out with stockists old and new.

There were some amazing latte art skills on show. Just when you thought that a heart in your frothed milk was snazzy, along comes this guy with his 'double swan'.

There was also some 'abstract' vegetable latte art. Although we can forgive the Grumpy Mule's attempt at a carrot, given it's the first time they've attempted one.

The festival welcomed over 30,000 visitors this year, and it feels like we met most of them. We always relish the opportunity to speak to people about our cold-pressed juice so that was the easy bit. The week long coffee hangover was more of a struggle, but it was worth it.

We even discovered a new found love for wigs, which became our go to fashion accessory for the festival.

The festival is running again next year from the 6-9 April and it looks like the organisers are going to out-do themselves again. So, put it in the diary.


Till next year people.



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