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Lucy Campbell

British Surf Champion

My inspiration

My parents always had a hard time getting me out of the water. I was such a water baby; swimming pool, sea, pond or just a puddle I was straight in there (clothes, the lot!). When we moved to the coast my Dad and brother started surfing. They would be in the water together for hours, I guess to begin with I just wanted to be in on the water fun too! By the time I was 10 I was completely besotted! 

How I Stay Healthy Out Of The Water

Call me crazy but I love running! I used to compete at a high standard until the sea completely took over. Now, when I'm not training in the water, I'll be sprinting up and down hills or out on a long run exploring new trails. I like to mix in some circuits and balance training too.

My Mum teaches food education at school, so she knows her stuff when it comes to nutrition and diet. I definitely have her to thank for raising me to eat healthy. Luckily for me, it's basically just habit now. I cook all the time too, that way I can keep track of what's going into my dinner (mostly meat and a whole lot of veggies!).

Why I Love Surfing

Uh oh! This is when things get kinda cliché! I love surfing because every wave is different and gives you a chance to try something new. The feeling you get when you nail a new move or land a risky turn is the best thing going!

Surfing means I am almost always out and being active which I have always enjoyed. Now I spend a lot of my time traveling to new (often pretty exotic) places in search of waves and I guess this has become my lifestyle. It's what I've dreamed of doing since I first started surfing!

A Day in the Life of…

Surfing, stretching, land training, emails, surf coaching in the summer, cooking and as much eating as I can fit in in between! (oh and probably a sneaky nanny nap somewhere in there too!)

How to get #stupidlyhealthy

I’d say feeling #stupidlyhealthy is when you feel full of energy (not just thanks to coffee), nimble and ready for anything! 

Okay, so maybe sometimes I slip a little.... I really enjoy eating healthy and how it makes me feel but then on the other hand I have a mega sweet tooth and, let's face it, sometimes one brownie just doesn't quite do the job does it?

From what I see on social media now, I think people often try to be to extreme with healthy eating and cut things out of their diets that makes it too hard to sustain. I think that as long as you're getting exercise in, eating well and giving your body what it needs, a little treat is alright (...well that's what I tell myself!)

Don't go over board. It's going to be way easier to keep up being healthy if you let yourself have a little something you enjoy once in a while.

Why it is so important

Trust me, one of the hardest things to do is find the will power to pull on a soaking wet wetsuit, outside on a cold, wet, windy Winter day, ready to run out into the Atlantic ocean, when you would way rather snuggle up back in bed!

I honestly think that once you start being healthier (and aren’t too extreme with it) it's hard to go back. Even if it's just trading in a bag of crisps for some mixed nuts or sugary drink/coffee for a raw juice. You'll feel so much more energetic! It is so much easier to get things done when you feel good! 

My hero

I'd have to say my big brother! He has also been British champion and has pretty much been my coach and one of my best buds growing up! When I see him busting new big moves it makes me want to do the same! 

My Dream

My biggest dream is to make the World tour! To be honest though, if I can just find a way to keep getting in the water and enjoying it, I will also be happy! 


Is it possible to make a mojito flavour cold-pressed juice!?  I mean, just putting it out there....

How to get into surfing

I have spent the past few summers coaching so this is a topic I'm pretty hot on! Learning to surf is all about timing, to use the wave to help you. It takes time, you're bound to have your fair share of wipeouts and trips over the falls (trust me I've had mine) but that's all part of the fun. I guess the key is to relax, try not to over think it and relish a face full of salty sea water! 

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