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We're F'ing Praud


Look, we get it. It’s probably hard to hit the prebiotic hype when you don’t really know your intestines from your elbow. So, we thought we’d launch a little study to show exactly why your gut’s got serious game.

We monitored the microbiome of 13 MOJU lovers over 30 days, each one hitting our Prebiotic Shot on the daily. No other dietary changes or bacterial funny business. Just 60ml of the good stuff to set up their day.

Turns out our before and afters would be enough to impress Marie Kondo – with the most exciting result being the huge uplift in one particularly mega member of the microbiome massive: F. Prau.

F. Prau is one of the most abundant species living in our gut and is essential for promoting gut health. Research has shown that as a butyrate producer, this beaut of a bacteria could improve digestion, keep your system running smoothly... and possibly support your mental health. 1,2

Yep, there’s something called the gut-brain axis in play here, you see. And it’s closely connected to supporting your mental health, by synthesising serotonin (the ‘happy hormone’) which studies suggest could reduce anxiety and improve your mood. 3,4

Across our participants, all but one saw a significant increase – with some seeing their levels increase by over 200%. F. Prau about that, eh?

So, there you have it. Some serious stats to stand up to the hype. Isn’t it about time you powered up your gut game too?


Prebiotic Dosing Bottle